Travelers Trust

Travel Insurance Coverage in a Cost-Effective Package

Medical Treatment

Let us take the worry out of being sick or injured abroad.

We cover you for physicians, surgeons and other specialists where necessary as well as emergency local ambulance transportation. We’ll also pay you $100 for each night you spend in hospital. Even emergency dental treatment is covered.

Pregnancy and Pre‐Existing Conditions

If you’re in the first 26 weeks of pregnancy, we'll cover you for the treatment of any complications which may result from your pregnancy. Additionally, you're covered for the acute onset of any pre‐existing conditions, provided that you're less than 70 years of age.

Sports and Athletic Activities Coverage

If you plan to maintain an active lifestyle or participate in sports during your trip, you'll be pleased to know that you're covered for any illness or injury sustained from your participation, providing the specific sport isn't one of the few which are excluded under this travel insurance.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

You're traveling with your children and are suddenly hospitalized, and there are no other adults to look after them. What will you do? If they've been covered under your travel insurance policy and would be left unattended for more than 36 hours, you will be provided the cost of one-way air- and/or ground transportation to get them safely home.

Return of Minor Children

It can be very worrying if you are hospitalized, are traveling with children and no other adults are with you to look after them. If they would be left unattended for more than 36 hours and are also covered, we’ll provide the cost of one way air and/or ground transportation to take them home.

Lost Checked Luggage

Unfortunately, it happens: for some reason your suitcases don't arrive at your destination when you do. Should your luggage be permanently lost by the transportation carrier, we'll pay you up to $1,000 for replacement of clothing and personal hygiene items.

Political Evacuation

In today’s political climate, destinations considered safe can suddenly experience unexpected political upheaval. Should the United States Government issue a travel warning that becomes effective after you arrive, we’ll provide transportation to the nearest place of safety or arrange for your return to your home country.


Although rare, acts of terrorism do occur and visitors to other countries can become targets. It's therefore good to know that should an illness or injury occur as the result of terrorist activity, we'll cover you up to a $50,000 lifetime maximum insurance limit.

Natural Disaster

If a natural disaster hits; such as a hurricane, tornado, tsunami or flood; or if the prevailing authorities advise you to evacuate due to a forecasted natural disaster; we'll cover the cost of your replacement accommodations for up to 5 days.